Massage in a Box – Deluxe

Relieve pain, tension and stress with this self-care kit that’s as effective as it is nourishing.

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Massage in a Box provides everything you need to get immediate and long-term relief from pain and tension using the traditional technique of cupping. With a step-by-step guide to teach you how to do cupping safely and effectively, you’ll have the ability to give yourself professional-level massage relief whenever you need it.

But Massage in a Box is much more than cupping. It’s a carefully crafted self-care box that is as luxurious as it is practical. Give yourself a spa day in the comfort of your own home.

Massage in a Box includes:

  • 12 high-quality silicone cups to give you that professional-level relief while being easy to use.
  • Lots of support for you to learn how to use the cups on yourself.
  • Locally-made herbal massage oil for cupping ease. (2 oz. bottle)
  • Luxurious handmade rose soaking salts with yarrow flower essence that leave you feeling truly cared-for. (8 oz. glass jar)
  • Beautiful original art.
  • Eco-friendly packaging so you can feel good about feeling good.

The Cups

Most cupping sets only give you up to four cups. Ours includes twelve cups of all different sizes and shapes, the ones I know from clinical experience are the most useful for you at home. This means being able to cup almost anywhere on your body, from small areas like your neck and forearm (to relieve neck tension and carpal tunnel syndrome pain) to large areas like the back and thighs (to recover faster from workouts). The different shapes give you flexibility to try different cupping techniques to get just the right fit for what you need. 

There are lots of different cups out there and many of them are not worth your time and money. From cheap plastic cups that require a pump to create suction (and often don’t work consistently) to many types of poor-quality silicone cups made with fillers that both reduce the life of the cups and expose you to harmful chemicals. I’ve made sure to source cups made of high-quality material of the same grade used in baby bottle nipples and cooking utensils. It is 100% pure silicone that is safe to use on your body and strong enough to go as deep as you need. 


The box includes a simple, step-by-step, 30 minute video guide that you can watch any time in a members-only online forum, as well as email support as-needed. The videos give easy-to-follow instructions on how to cup safely and effectively. Like your own private YouTube channel, these videos cover cupping for:

  • Neck and shoulder pain⁠
  • Back pain⁠
  • Tension headaches⁠
  • Jaw tension and pain
  • Wrist and forearm tension and pain
  • Leg pain
  • Foot pain
  • Anxiety⁠
  • Simple cough⁠
  • And menstrual cramps

Bonus videos are continually being added based on what customers need and want. You’ll have lifetime access to these resources.

Massage Oil

I source everything in the box with as much care for you and the Earth as possible, because self-care should feel good all around. I also value supporting local crafters and makers. “Overworked” 2 oz. oil is made right here in Portland from a local shop that supports community wellness and makes its products with simple and high-quality ingredients. Essential oils of lavender, cedarwood, grapefruit and rosemary work well with the cups to ease tension while smelling refreshing and uplifting. 

Soaking Salts

Like our massage oil this 8 oz. jar of “Rose Bath Tea” is made locally and by hand. Made with rose essential oil for aromatherapy, epsom salts to relax the body, and Himalayan salt for an energetic cleanse, they also contain a special flower essence blend. Flower essences are ancient medicine used traditionally around the world. Often referred to as energy medicine because of their subtle and homeopathic-type nature, they are commonly used to treat the mental, emotional and spiritual roots of ailments. 

The salts incorporate rose and yarrow flower essences. Rose supports your ability to savor life’s beauty even among the thorns, and yarrow flower essence heals gaps in the aura created by everything from everyday stress to shock and trauma. This combination relieves the subtle tension that builds up from daily living that often flies below the radar. In combination with cupping this creates a holistic remedy for even entrenched pain and tension. Not only are these salts a true sensory pleasure (you’ll delight at the whole rose petals floating in the water with you) but also deeply healing to mind, body and spirit. They are an invitation to take time and truly unwind. 

Original Art

Art is healing in and of itself, which is why we include it in Massage in a Box. Research shows that we heal faster when in a beautiful environment. These original-art postcards were designed locally and with loving care for just such a purpose. Post one in a prominent place to remind you to take a moment each day to pause and unwind. Send the other to someone dear, old-school snail-mail style!

Commitment to the Earth

We believe that feeling good should be sustainable for everyone involved, which is why we source recycled materials and as little plastic as possible. Our box packaging is 100% recycled and curbside-recyclable materials and our cup bags are made from recycled plastic bottles!

Commitment to You

Massage in a Box was created to empower you with the ability to ease your own pain and tension on a regular basis. The box is a product of years of clinical research studying what works best for clients, so you can show up in your life feeling 100%.

Cupping is so easy and effective that you don’t have to be a professional to do it. In between massages, while traveling, or if you only have a few minutes in your day, the cups bring relief when you need it and in just a few minutes. You don’t need to find a big chunk of time in your day to feel so much better. Treat yourself to a Massage in a Box.

Happy Customers

“I love the cups and bring them everywhere. They’re in my car right now! I tell everyone to get a Massage in a Box if they haven’t already. It’s not just the cups, but the salts and massage oil, the whole package is amazing!” Celesté

“I love my Massage in a Box. It is the best gift I have given myself recently for my self care. I’m so happy that I made the investment. From the moment of unboxing, it is just a stunning package. The salts that are inside, and the bath oils are from local curators, and they’re beautifully packaged. And the silicone cups themselves are also beautifully shaped and so easy to use.” Natasha

“My kit came yesterday and I’m in love!!!! Every single thing in here is amazing and the energy is all love. Thank you for the note – I feel seen. Every-body needs one of these kits! 💓” Rebecca

“Massage in a Box has been a really wonderful resource for me during the pandemic when healing sessions haven’t been accessible for me. Your videos made it easy for me to see how to use the cups, and now they are a tool in my self care plan for my nervous system and tight, stiff or achy muscles. Thanks for putting this together!” Jess


Even though cupping is appropriate for most people there are still some situations where it isn’t advised. Although cupping is a great treatment for muscle pain during pregnancy, it is better to work with a trained practitioner. The same is true for children. In addition, caution needs to be taken for folks who are elderly, recovering from debilitating illness, or have circulatory or connective tissue issues. This guide is also not a professional training for practitioners who want to do cupping on clients. If you have questions about your particular situation contact us at


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