Healing Is About Connection and Transformation

Because we know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your own body. When things don't feel quite right and you don't know where to turn. We're here for you with community and support to help you get to the root of the issue and reclaim your health.

Zócalo Wellness was founded by Adrianna Locke, LAc, with the intention of creating a culturally-inclusive and culturally-specific healing space in Portland, OR. We are a diverse team of practitioners serving a diverse clientele. We believe that healing is possible and necessary in these times. Learn more about the origins of the clinic on our blog.

Meet the Team

Chanelle waterfall smiling - bio

Chanelle Crosby, LAc, LAC
Languages: English
Pronouns: she/her

Now accepting new adult clients.

Chanelle is a human who at the core identifies as stardust, but understands that she walks the Earth in a body that is expressed as a Black, mixed race, woman, with a tender heart, ancestral freckles, and a curious mind that loves to explore what it means to be alive.

Chanelle is inspired by living at the intersections of art, land, spirituality, liberation and medicine & what it means to be human through it all. She sees the human experience tied together by the web of Nature, our inherent interconnectedness, and our innate responsibility in service to others, ourselves, and all that is.

From her first experience, acupuncture made sense to Chanelle’s body. She was forever changed and wanted to learn how to create space for that with others. In a treatment space, her invitation is to take care, root into respect, honor dignity, embody radical curiosity, and move with fierce love.

Treatment sessions with Chanelle often contain more than one modality from her training in East Asian medicine, including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and craniosacral therapy and/or other bodywork approaches. Fascinated by the body and medicine, her interests include but are never limited to: abdominal work, womb work, the nervous system, digestive ailments, musculoskeletal pain, and problem-solving together.

Her approach is gentle, intentional, and curious. She truly believes the impact of care is widespread — from the personal to the collective. It is her pleasure to walk this healing path with you.

Outside of her clinical practice, Chanelle loves to spend time around plants by growing them, hiking around them, making herbal medicine, or dyeing fabric then stitching it together into art.

Acupuncturist lara pacheco doing taiji

lara pacheco, LAc, LAC
Languages: English, Spanish
Pronouns: they/them/she/her/naturaleza

Now accepting new adult and pediatric clients.

lara pacheco is a Taíno, Latinx, NGC and queer mamita that holds privilege with their light skin and hetero presenting marriage. lara believes part of our collective liberation is accessed through decolonizing ourselves and weaving into the web of ancestral medicine. lara directly works through this realm with plants, fungi, puppets, music and dance. lara was the co-founder of Brown Girl Rise, and founder of Atabey Medicine of Seed and Thistle Apothecary, an educational resource that centered Queer, Trans and Gender fluid Black and Indigenous voices within herbalism, which has transitioned to what is now called Moon and Mirror.

In connection with their Taino roots, lara is a Tekina and also a Qigong student with the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School. lara is a licensed acupuncturist working with Working Class Acupuncture, North Portland Community Acupuncture and Zócalo Wellness continuing the tradition of care and access to our communities and the legacy of our Liberatory ancestors. lara spends some time in one of their ancestral lands, Boriken (Puerto Rico) helping the work of Caminando La Utopía.  As a survivor, lara was brought to the work of acupuncture because of its simple application yet powerful healing potential for all kinds of people. lara is greatly honored to accompany anyone else along on their healing journey.

Acupuncturist standing facing camera in blue scrubs.

Dr. James Ho, LAc, DACM
Languages: English, Chinese, Taiwanese
Pronouns: he/him

Now accepting new adult and pediatric clients.

Dr. James has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for over eleven years. In adults, he specializes in nervous, digestive, immune and circulatory issues, including (but not limited to): tingling/numbness, tremors, Bell’s palsy, shingles, stroke sequela, GI track discomfort, psoriasis, lupus, skin issues, hypertension, palpitations, edema, swelling, varicose veins, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Through years of advanced study, he has been blessed with meeting and training under some of the worlds most well respected scholars and clinicians.

Dr. James has a very gentle style of treatment, integrating relaxation, open but unforced communication, and a positive attitude, while also attending closely to the details of the patient's experience. He also integrates Tui-Na (Chinese style bodywork) with most acupuncture treatments, as well as moxibustion, subtle cupping, and Gua Sha (scraping) as needed. “I’m eager to share the profound wisdom and power of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help everyone create a state of flourishing health and happiness no matter who or where they are”.

Dr. James also loves working with children, supporting their body's natural healing abilities. He offers pediatric Tui-Na for babies under two years of age, and acupuncture for older children and teenagers. TCM is effective at treating many common chronic health concerns such as recurring ear infections, eczema, nausea, lack of appetite, and constipation, as well as acute problems like food poisoning, rashes, fever, colds and flu, nightmares, night crying, and bed-wetting. Treatments also support a child’s overall healthy development while relieving anxiety and nervousness. “It is really amazing how effective the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in treating children. All families should know about this!”

James has a nurturing and accepting approach, always truly meeting people where they are at. He enjoys learning about the diverse experiences of everyone he meets, and sharing with them the joy of living and healing naturally. He spends his spare time with his family as well as hiking, playing music, gardening, and keeping his lovable, hyperactive Aussie Shepherd, Jordy, busy.

Acupuncturist Hasina Cohen with her hound dog June outside amongst trees

Hasina Cohen, LAc, MSOM
Languages: English
Pronouns: she/her

Hasina is not taking new patients at this time. Please make an appointment with one of our other amazing practitioners above, or contact us to get on her waitlist. 

Hasina is queer nonbinary, white, anti-zionist jewish, and deaf/hard of hearing. Her approach to care work is rooted in three truths: that you know best what is happening for your body; that systems of oppression serve as primary causes of disease; and that medicine often participates in marginalization instead of uplifting and strengthening bodies, survival, and ways of being it doesn’t value or recognize.

Hasina's style is gentle and incorporates bodywork as well as non-insertive acupuncture where that is preferred by the patient. She listens closely to the body’s own attempts to restore balance as a way to mitigate the blame and shame that can arise around challenging physical and mental/emotional experiences. Her goal is to partner with you in finding an approach that supports your agency and allows your nervous system to feel at ease.

Beyond clinical practice, Hasina loves to visit favorite swimming holes with her partner, sit on the porch with her shy hound dog and two orange cats, and pay attention to things she sees and feels outside. (Did you know that you can find egg sized agates all over the city? They make quite a journey from ocean to river to our streets).


Adrianna Locke, LAc, MAc
Languages: English, conversational Spanish
Pronouns: she/her

Note from Adrianna: In order to make room for current clients to get consistent care I am not taking new clients at the moment. Please make an appointment with any of the clinicians listed above. They are incredible, working lovingly with our diverse community, and are overall wonderful humans. I'm always happy to talk further if you have specific concerns or are wanting a referral. Email or call the number above, or join our email list to know when my schedule opens back up.  Current clients can schedule using the link below.

Adrianna Locke has worked for the past eleven years as an acupuncturist and healing facilitator in Portland, Oregon. As a queer, mixed-race, first-gen practitioner, she practices medicine at the intersection of healing and social justice, working to reclaim traditional healing practices and tools to decolonize the body. She works most often in the realm where the body and emotions meet, sleuthing out the complex interplay between our somatic (body) and psychological (mind) experiences. She aims always to create safer space for everyone she works with, and operates with a slow and trauma-informed approach.

Appointments include a thorough intake along with a multi-modality treatment that may include the traditional and classical Chinese and East Asian modalities of acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbology, as well as Mayan abdominal massage, flower and gem medicine, and deep intuition. She loves sci-fi and speculative fiction as a way to reimagine the present and dream the future.


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