Healing Is About Connection

You've got the tools. You know what to do. But, you still feel stuck and "off." We're here for you with community and support to help you get to the root of the issue and reclaim your health.

And Transformation

Because I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your own body. When things don't feel quite right and you don't know where to turn.


Hi, I'm Adrianna

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked as an acupuncturist with thousands of clients, helping them find ease, healing and empowerment through natural medicine. Before that I was a client myself, looking for answers after finding few in conventional medicine, surprised that some of my greatest healing came from the simplest tools—and the realization that I could use them myself.

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My passion is to connect people with natural medicine who are looking for another way to care for themselves, a way more aligned with their heart and hopes for the world. I believe natural medicine, and the old traditions, are revolutionary. They have been for me.

As we envision a different (and better) world I want us to reclaim the ancient traditions that get us in touch with the Earth and ourselves. I want us to reclaim our power.

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When I’m not geeking out about the healing arts you can find me reading speculative fiction, traveling the Star Wars and Marvel universes, putting my hands in the dirt, waging LEGO battles with a master-building 6-year-old, and snuggling our boisterous cat Avalon.

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National Board certified NCCAOM

Licensed in the state of Oregon




Elouan Ray

"Your care changed my life."

You believed in me when everyone else as blaming my trauma and neuroatypicalities, and seriously my docs are fairly certain I would not have survived the mold toxicity if it weren't for our work together. My specialist in PDX was basically ready for me to have a life-threatening asthma attack, heart attack or to have a seizure that would put me at risk.


Adrianna encompasses all that I hope for in a human and a healer.

She has treated me with respect, care, dignity and integrity. I did not expect to have a confidant in an acupuncturist but Adrianna provided that for me. She gives me space and freedom to feel my feelings without fear. I have been able to share with Adrianna what I couldn't with family and close friends. She is exactly what I needed in a healer


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