Healing doesn’t happen alone.

Let's dial in your self-care together.

From finding the right tools to implementing them on a regular basis, support is here. 


Massage In A Box

Tension keeping you on edge? Pain distracting you from what you love? Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? 

I made this Box especially for you.

1:1 Self Care Support

Get personalized support as you implement your self-care. These virtual sessions are great for helping you find the right tools for your unique goals with a guided self-care check-in.

needle treatment Zócalo Wellness Acupuncture in Portland, OR


Maybe you need all of the above, a little ongoing self-care love with a dash of accountability.

Try out one of our packages below.

The Box + 1:1 Support

Invest in Massage in the Box and get 1:1 support at a discounted price to help you implement your new tools right away.

1:1 Packages

Get that ongoing support and accountability to work on long-term goals. Perfect for having a regular touchstone to keep your self-care dialed in.

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