In a chaotic world we need places and spaces for recharge. Without this, stress, grief and tension accumulate in our bodies and make it hard to function mentally and physically. That is why we are now offering community acupuncture at Zócalo Wellness with our newest practitioner, lara pacheco. 

Community acupuncture (also known as group acupuncture) is a one-on-one acupuncture session that takes place in a communal setting, in our case with 3-4 other people. You stay fully clothed, reclining in a zero gravity chair while resting with the needles for 30-45 minutes. Skilled practitioners like lara can treat everything you would address in a private acupuncture session. The difference is that there is no bodywork (massage, cupping, craniosacral, etc.) or herbal consults included. At $30 per session, this is a way to make acupuncture more affordable, especially when not covered by insurance.

Because we are built as social animals, with mirror neurons that tie our experience to the experience of others, it is very powerful to cultivate a space of rest together. We know (and research backs us up) that humans heal collectively, and I love group treatment for this reason. As Resmaa Menakem says, “Settled bodies, settle bodies,” and getting treatment in concert with other bodies can often take the relaxation deeper than in private sessions. We exponentiate healing by doing it collectively.

As people move in and out of a group acupuncture space they interact without interacting. No words or even eye contact need be exchanged. Yet, the collective energy and intent to settle, rest and recharge is present. The space holds the intention and all who enter add to it. When I worked at Working Class Acupuncture the phenomenon was palpable. Whenever I’d have a deep sleeper on a shift, everyone else in that room would rest deeper, following that person into restful space. Folks would nap together, not even knowing each other’s names. 

We invite you to join the collective rest. You can find out more about lara and schedule with them HERE.