I had never had an acupuncture treatment before and Adrianna was so relaxed and tuned in to what I needed. Every area she placed the needles I could feel my organs respond, too. For days afterward my body gently released and my strength and energy level increased. At 9 months pregnant that is truly a gift!!! She shared information about the history of acupuncture and exuded a deep connection to the wisdom of its philosophy. I felt great healing of body, mind, and spirit after my sessions with Adrianna. I would recommend her services to anyone and look forward to more of my own.


Adrianna is a gifted and spacious healer. To say the least, I was beginning to move through deep moments of grief when I first received treatment from Adrianna. I truly feel like Adrianna was and is a gift from the ancestors. I have been able to move through the depths of grief – the stagnation, the body aches, the mind blocks, the difficulty of moving forward with Adrianna’s compassionate witnessing, listening and healing acupuncture treatments. Portland is truly lucky to have a healer like Adrianna reside here.

Adrianna M.

I had been to other acupuncturists for many years. When I got the opportunity to have Adrianna as my acupuncturist I felt truly heard, understood, and cared for. Especially as a woman with specific needs. I always came out of treatment feeling refreshed and always looked forward to my next treatment from Adrianna.


Adrianna is a gifted acupuncturist with a calm, intuitive manner. She treated me for TMJ and general stress, with excellent results.


Just two sessions with Adrianna temporarily cleared up my issue. After years of suffering, I could really only credit her with the healing I was beginning to experience. Additionally, your treatments made me feel balanced and relaxed in a way that other treatments haven’t. I was surprised by how relaxing and calming the appointments are for me. Adrianna’s compassion, curiosity, and determination to help me heal and feel better made me feel like I had a friend in the unknown of my condition.


Working with you truly changed my life, and since leaving you many of my symptoms have started to resurface. During our time together, you gave me a new lens for boundaries, kindness for my body, unlike other acupuncturists I’ve been to you took a very gentle approach so as not to “pop the balloon”, and I was able to gain gradual strength. Each session helped me feel more human, grounded, present, and aware. I always felt secure in your presence and appreciated so greatly that you went above and beyond to help me find resources.